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atmospHAIRe is a fashion-forward, fun salon—featuring a fabulous group of elite stylists who can satisfy every lock and strand of your hair-related desires. Whatever your age and gender, atmospHAIRe stylists will listen to you, offer cutting-edge advice when requested, and always pamper you with the best haircare products on the market. The floor-to-ceiling windows also create a unique atmosphere, allowing natural light to flood into this standout salon—which is conveniently located in the Selkirk Waterfront development.

We offer new editions of a great selection of magazines for you to browse at your leisure—plus complimentary tea and coffee. Best-of-all is knowing how much our stylists care about the way you look and feel—and how driven they are to ensuring a Five-Star experience you’ll be sprinting from the salon to tell your friends about.

So treat yourself to a visit. It’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship. One your hair will forever thank you for.